Centeral Library

“The Central Library of the Judicial District Matiari is placed in a Judicial district Matiari where vast collections of books are kept. These books are made available for the Honorable Judges. A Judicial library plays a vital role in the district Judiciary for fast Justice. Library are very important in Judicial districts because when prepare the Order and Judgments of cases Honourable Judges often need to reference an authorities or part of text books. The Central Library of the Judicial District Matiari was founded in 2012. The Central Library of the Judicial District Matiari contains more than 2000 books related to Criminal proceeding, Civil proceeding, Limitations acts etc. The collection of books is updated continuously and new books are acquired on the recommendations of Honorable Judges. The future of Judicial district library will be as a knowledge center that is dynamic, where not only the librarian, the “books”, and the users engage in an interchange of ideas but the library architecture acts as not only a surrounding framework, but also as a healthy “space” where ideas can flourish, live, grow and even be protected. The library building should foster interactions between not only the librarian and their patrons, but also directly between the information and the people that use it.”

District Court Matiari