Message from District & Sessions Judge


The District court Matiari has endeavored to facilitate speedy justice across the district and to ensure this goal; instant retrieval of data by the click of a button has been our endeavor. All the courts have been provided computers and are connected through a computer network; everyone is able to locate their case and its status in the comfort of their places of work or at home.

District History

District Matiari

About the name of Matiari, it is said that, before settling at here Syed Mir Ali Shah was firstly settled in a village “Muttalo” near to Shahdadpur, District Sanghar, then he settled into the place which is called Matiari, so these Syed’s were called the people of “Muttalo”, which changed to “Muttaalvi” and then “Matiari”.

Matiari is known as cultural capital of Sindh. Here Kashi, traditional Sindh Chadar and Sindhi Cap are made in Matiari and his Taluka Hala and also exported to the Major cities and foreign countries.

Matiari is the one oldest territory of Sindh which was created on 04.04.2005. It has a very bright passed from education point of view.